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Our Services

The heart of what makes Hayashi Wealth Management unique is that we are an independent firm. This simply means that our only fiduciary responsibility is to our clients. Our group does not represent any financial, investment, or insurance company allowing us to offer a wide variety of securities and products to our clients. We believe that diversification is a key aspect when investing. Therefore, multiple investment options may be necessary.

An important fact to remember is that no two financial portfolios are the same and as such require individual blueprints. Our team works closely with clients to develop a personalized financial strategy based on their life aspirations and investment philosophies. Our team is licensed in securities, mutual funds and insurance enabling us to provide a comprehensive package for clients and their families.

Here are some planning strategies and investment companies that Hayashi Wealth Management may use in a portfolio to accomplish a client’s goal.

    Financial Planning

    Goal-based Strategic Financial Planning

    Tax Planning

    Mortgage Planning

    Retirement Income Planning

    Business Planning

    College Fund Planning

    Estate Planning

    Insurance Planning

    Coordination with Legal and Tax Professionals

    Investment Management

    Retirement Accounts

    Traditional Stock, Bonds, Mutual Funds, ETFs

    Separately Managed Accounts

    Institutional Money Management

    Direct Participation Programs

    Socially Conscious Strategies