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Our Process

Getting To Know You

Hayashi Wealth Management wants to have long lasting relationships with our clients. It is important to our team to feel comfortable with our clients and to trust them as much they do us. For this reason, we want to have in depth knowledge of who you are as a person and the values that impact your life. Once we have met you and know what drives your actions, we can discuss how our team can help get you to your goal.

What You Have Done

During our meeting, we review all necessary information to grasp a full understanding of your situation. At this time, we want to know what actions you have taken to get where you want to go and how those actions have impacted your life. Reviewing this information will prevent duplicated efforts and helps us to develop a plan of action.


This is where we will get details for your big picture. At this point identifying obstacles and potential problems may be discussed. Working together on reconciling complications to give you the desired outcome is our objective. A real value is shown here because a joint effort may expose previously unknown solutions or existing problems. Everything identified at this time will relate to future recommendations.

Plan Of Action

Now that a strategy has been developed, the wheels can start turning. As experienced financial advisors, we will put together a model for your portfolio. Weighing the pros and cons for the proposed investments, the decision is ultimately yours. Once a solution has been agreed upon, Hayashi Wealth Management will put the plan into action. Keeping you informed along the way, our team will ensure a smooth transition and get your money working for you.

Follow Up

Since most strategies are long term, follow up appointments are essential. Over time things may change and impact, not only your life, but your investments. New family members, college, new employment, or early retirement can all impact your financial plan. Though our team will always be here to help and answer your questions, staying in touch is key. For some, this may mean quarterly, semi-annually, or just once a year. In this joint venture, your goals can be achieved by having all parties fully informed and up to date on your investments.

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